December 04, 2023, 03:59:29 am
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Author Topic: Root note of scale should also be base position when transposing sequences  (Read 273 times)


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from my reply in my thread on diatonic quantising, thought as it is a separate but linked issue I would make a separate request:

This seems linked to another quirk I have notices, when transposing it always assumes the root note is C even if you have specified a different root note. This is quite confusing behaviour as if you play something in a key the way I would expect it to work when transposing the position is to move the sequence to the new note I press. E.g if I set scale to A minor and play a sequence in A minor and want to move it to the D position, if I press D it will not move it to D it will move it to B, because it thinks the root is C so pressing D is one step up not 3 steps up like it should be.

There is a work around, if I play the sequence in C minor transpose to A and then set the scale to minor and the root to A now when I transpose it will move to the note I play except it will have the same issue of when you press valid in scale notes it will lead to sequences with doubled notes and skipped notes, which can be fixed by pressing out of scale notes.

I think the solution would be to make it so the root note specified in the scale is also used as the root note when transposing sequences, in combination with a 'diatonic' quantise option this would remove lots of this confusing behaviour and enable people to freely transpose between scales, and patterns within scales


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