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Author Topic: Start/stop and arp note data problems  (Read 778 times)


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Start/stop and arp note data problems
« on: March 11, 2023, 03:22:59 pm »
so, new to polybrute.  But I think I may have a fault, tried direct contact with Arturia but nothing yet.

The problems.   

1.   Polybrute always sends start/stop commands even if I have midi output destinations off, and Arp/Seq midi set off.
2.  I never get seq or arp note data sent externally regardless if the arp/seq midi send is on or off.

Those 2 seem linked....  Its ALWAYS sending start/stop and NEVER sending note data.

3.  Clock.  Clock data is also sent out regardless of the arp/seq setting or if the out destination is off or not.  It even sends it if I set its source to an external source.  When set to internal, it sends it out and then receives it back (There is a midi clock loop - not a note loop as I can filter notes but not MTC currently). It means I cant use external sources as I just get that mess of timing as the clock keeps multiplying.

I thing this is also linked to the first 2.

My gut says that the Arp/Seq midi out toggle isnt working, and its doung kind of a halfway house thing - so clock and start/stop are always sent regardless - but noted data generated by either arpo or sequencer arnt sent out.

Obviously if theres a faut - I can get it replaced but need to confirm if this is, or isnt normal.

I have a new midi patch bay coming (as I no longer have enough ins and outs for home use - good for live) which does have clock and start/stop filtering - so Ill be fine down the line if its normal - bu i t doesnt seem right to me.  Just need some clarification.



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