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Author Topic: Problem creating vibrato controlled by mod wheel  (Read 2493 times)


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Problem creating vibrato controlled by mod wheel
« on: March 06, 2023, 09:45:26 pm »
It seems to the way to create a vibrato controlled by the mod wheel is to connect the LFO to an amplifier input, connect the MOD output to the AM input of that amplifier, and connect the amplifier output to the FM input of an oscillator, as in the attached image. With this setup, it's impossible to not have any vibrato on a note. If I have the amplifier output turned all the way down, then turn the mod wheel up, no frequency modulation of the oscillator happens. I HAVE to have at least a tiny bit of output set on the amplifier, then I can adjust the modulation amounts on the amplifier output and oscillator input to control vibrato. What I expect is that the mod wheel can take the amplifier output from zero to whatever upper limit I have set for it on the AM input. Is this a bug? There should be a way to have notes play without any vibrato at all and then introduce it when wanted.

Definitely some sort of bug somewhere. Sometimes, when I open up Modular first thing in the day, the vibrato works fine; setting the volume low, like -99.90db, results in no discernible vibrato and I can then control it with the mod wheel. But after some time, later in the day, the vibrato is very noticeable even at the low amp volume set in the patch.
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