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Author Topic: MIDI learn issues using Polybrute as a controller  (Read 800 times)


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MIDI learn issues using Polybrute as a controller
« on: December 02, 2022, 07:20:07 pm »

First, would like to say that I tried sending a support ticket, but that required a serial number. In the form, I got this advice:


You can find your Serial Number and unlock code on your confirmation email, or on your license card if you purchased a box.

I checked my email inbox and there's no confirmation email. Since this was a required field in the form, I came here.

My main issue is with MIDI learn functionality using the Polybrute as a controller. Despite having unique MIDI CC numbers for many MF V controls (see attached screen shot), a single control on the Polybrute will move two controls on the MF. For example, If I assign Polybrute CC 18 (VCO1 MIX) to Volume 1 and Polybrute CC 17 (SAW/TRI MIX) to Timbre 1, moving the VCO 1 mix knob will change both Volume 1 and Timbre 1. I have had numerous examples of this happen with various controls on the Polybrute moving two parameters on the MFV, and have cleared the MIDI CC list and started over with a new config file each time. Nothing seems to solve the problem. Additionally, I have used the Polybrute and MIDI learn with V collection synths and can't recall this specific issue happening with those. This leads me to think its an issue with the MFV, that may need to be addressed.

Thanks, and any help with the serial number issue would be great as well.

I'm on an M1 MacMini with MacOS Monterrey 12.6 installed.


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