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Author Topic: Show session box / red box in Ableton?  (Read 781 times)


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Show session box / red box in Ableton?
« on: September 24, 2022, 12:38:10 am »
Hi all!

First-time poster here, so please excuse me if this has been asked before. I've done a search and it has yielded nothing.

I've just become the very proud owner of a Keylab Essential 61, and I'm absolutely loving it! I've upgraded from an NI Komplete Control M32, and I'm really happy that most of the Ableton integration is also implemented in the Keylab.

However, one thing that I'm puzzled by is the lack of a red box / session box which shows the channels which are currently affected by the faders and pots. These controls work perfectly, but there is no way to know which tracks / channels they map onto. The only way to be sure is to mash the 'Prev' button a few times to bring the mappings back to the first channel, and you then know that fader / pot 1 affects the first channel, and so on. However, if you've hot the 'next' button a few times, you're operating in the dark.

This feels like it's an obvious feature (even my cheapy Novation Lauchpad Mini supports it), so I'm wondering if I've just missed something?

Thanks for your help!



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