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Author Topic: so I was dumb and overloaded(?) my MF through the vocoder mic and...  (Read 1152 times)


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Hi All,

Maybe this is a more general hardware question, but I plugged my theremin into the back of the vocoder mic and now it won't boot properly. The theremin is loud (on reflection probably "line level" rather than instrument/unpowered mic level) but I didn't think loud enough to DAMAGE anything. It's a home built (not by me) job that runs on a nine volt and uses and actual antenna rather than an optical sensor. The MF played fit awhile, but the theremin was bleeding through even with no key being touched. On changing the preset it eventually told me no mic was plugged in. I unplugged everything and turned off the machine, and here we are.

The MF mostly gets stuck just displaying the logo, but has gotten as far as letting me get to the utility menu once. I haven't gotten any sound out of it since.

Any help appreciated! Yes, on reflection this was a dumb thing to do. I wasn't thinking about different input/output levels.


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Re: so I was dumb and overloaded(?) my MF through the vocoder mic and...
« Reply #1 on: August 28, 2022, 05:24:31 am »
This is a very common issue that has been brought up numerous times. It's happened to everyone eventually. Use the search feature and you'll find the answer to your woes.


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