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Author Topic: DrumFreak - is it happening?  (Read 1695 times)


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DrumFreak - is it happening?
« on: June 28, 2022, 12:39:16 am »
Hey Arturia and forum

Is there a hardware digital drum machine in the pipeline?

If not, here's a dream I had - I need to share this with you!

Imagine a digital drum machine that uses a brain similar to the microFreak.

It would be a 4 voice - or maybe 6? 8 If you want to get nuts - but it should remain at the price point of the mF or DBI

It might have an analog output path similiar to the mF - maybe just overdrive like in the DBI

It would be the same form factor/footprint as the drumbrute impact or microfreak

It would use capacitive touch buttons or pads similar in design to the mF but in a layout more conducive to drum machines - maybe 6 pads or a grid of capacitive pads.

Most of the engines would be repurposed from the mF:

  • Kick - FM also, resonant LP/BP MS20 style filter with a pitch env
  • Snare/clap - Snares are a tone and a noise - this could be FM tones and filtered white noise or some kind.
  • Perc voice - VA algo
  • Hihat - open and closed - The hihat algo in the mF is already excellent - it could be dropped in as is.
  • Cymbal - FM with some noise element again

I guess I'm just listing the voices of a drum machine at this point - I clearly haven't given much thought to the functionality of each voice.

Implementing control of each voice would be an interesting problem. To keep cost down you need to limit the number of encoders.

Basically just replace the keybed of the mF with drum pads, make it 6 (or 8 voice). Re-jig the sequencer to be more like the DBI and voila - drumFreak.

Lets make this happen!
hah - yea feel free to pile on with ways to make this better and to make it happen.


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Re: DrumFreak - is it happening?
« Reply #1 on: June 28, 2022, 10:44:34 am »
Even if it was being developed, Arturia would never use this forum to drip-feed any clues about their upcoming products.
Nice idea though.
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