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Author Topic: Accidentally hitting pitch/mod strip when changing octaves (Oct- / Oct+ buttons)  (Read 993 times)


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I find myself frequently triggering the pitch/mod strips when pressing the Oct- / Oct+ buttons.

Anyone know if there's a way to decrease the sensitivity of the pitch/mod touch strips so that they don't trigger so many false positives?

I really wish the Keystep 37 had traditional modwheels/joysticks for pitch and mod :(
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I have the same issue. The strips are that sensitive that even 1-2 cm distance from my hand triggers them. This is pretty useless as is.  ???
Option for lower sensitivity is urgently needed.


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Way too many mfrs using these stupid touch strips now, purely in the name of keeping their controllers super thin. While there are certain benefits, such as less moving parts to break, I've yet to meet anyone who prefers them. The only other option would be a vertical joystick like the Akai MPK Mini. Or maybe - and I know this is a crazy idea but hear me out - we could just stop this obsession with making stuff so thin that the usability is impacted by compromises, and instead make it thick enough to fit proper pitch and mod wheels. An extra 5mm would do it.
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