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Author Topic: Revisit the Awful decisions made during the Analog Lab 4 to Analog Lab V period.  (Read 1218 times)


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1.  Preset Browsing in Analog Lab 4 is a joy.  It's awesome.

2.  The concerts/songs structured "preset playlists" feature in Analog Lab 4 was wonderful.

3.  Analog Lab 4 is about 30% more CPU efficient.

4.  Analog Lab 5 won't read ANalog Lab 4 presets and play them it just warns you that the effects sections are different.  The developer responsible for this breaking change should go back to school.   You could make it at least possible to import the effects one time and upgrade the existing effects, at least with some degree of fidelity.    Just tell the user all your effects are gone, sorry not sorry, is awful.

I feel Arturia has really jumped the shark here.

Warren Postma


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Funny, I find patch browsing in Analog Lab V to be an absolute joy! It is by far the best preset and patch management system of any softsynth I have ever used up to this point. Pigments 4 shares the same method of patch management. It really is to me a fantastic system.
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