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Author Topic: Unreasonable loading times and installation time for ALL Arturia plug-ins  (Read 2927 times)


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I don't know where in the forum to post this really as it doesn't seem like there is a subforum for all plug-ins in general.

I own a Minilab MKII with the included Analog Lab Lite/Intro, as well as a couple of effects plug-ins I've received from giveaways.

I sincerely LOVE Arturia's FX plug-ins!
They sound absolutely amazing, but I have one big complaint about all of Arturia's software that is keeping me from buying any other software from you: how the software files are handled.

If we take the REV-140 as an example, there are over 7500 files in 112 folders just in the C:\ProgramData folder for REV-140! Why?!

I had to uninstall Analog Lab Intro just because it took so long for my PC to load it that it became unusable, and this is on a NVMe SSD! If I saved a large project in Reaper with one, or more, Analog Lab instances in it, and then tried to load that project, Reaper crashed 1/3 times just because it got stuck on loading Analog Lab! Reaper, and other DAWs/VST-hosts, were crashing when scanning for VSTs just because of Analog Lab as well. It's not as bad with the FX plug-ins, but it's still much slower than plug-ins from other devs.

Why aren't you guys using some kind of resource library files (I'm no dev, so don't know the correct terms) for all of these tens of thousands of files? It would make loading and installation times so much faster, which in turn would lessen the risk of DAWs and hosts crashing when using Arturia plug-ins.

I'm sure there are some reason as to why you are doing it the way you are, but I can't imagine it outweighing the benefits of keeping everything in a nice and tidy package.

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