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Author Topic: I give up sync'ing BSP with LPX  (Read 649 times)


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I give up sync'ing BSP with LPX
« on: January 21, 2022, 02:56:00 am »
Unfortunately for the forum here, I've been dealing directly with Arturia support since the beginning of January, trying to get BSP2 to sync with LPX7.  So a lot of back and forth is missing. They're great people and tried to help, but...nothing--at least not that works with my particular setup.  But I thought I'd drop this here for any other poor souls making the assumption that syncing BSP2 with a modern sequencer, like LPX7, should be a cinch.  Well, it doesn't appear to be.  At first, I actually wanted to slave LPX7 to the BSP2...until...amazingly, like 7 days into this 'journey', I was informed LPX doesn't (and hasn't since LP5) slave to anything!  OK, no biggie, I'll let LPX7 be the master and BSP2 the slave.  Yet, even that proved unworkable.  Yes, I could get BSP2 to respond to LPX7, but only if it was connected directly to a PC-USB port, not if it was connected to my iCM4+ midi interface via the USB-Host port (supposedly designed to be a class-compliant connection for just that purpose).  Forget anything using just DIN MIDI with SPP or MTC. 

Because of my particular (peculiar?) setup, involving a separate USB hub directly connected to my M1 Mac hosting 3 Nektar controllers (P1, L88+, Aura), and the iCM4+ hosting USB and DIN gear as destinations for MIDI control thru LPX7, I couldn't simultaneously run MCC for BSP2 via its required USB connection and also send/receive MIDI performance data.  I could either administer the BSP2 settings with MCC, or use BSP2 as a MIDI controller, but not both from the same USB port.  Or at least I couldn't manage it.

Long story short, all I wanted was to get a tempo match between BSP2 and LPX7 so when I hit Record in Logic, and Play on the BSP2, the MIDI notes would line up on the bar/beat, saving me some edit time.  Simple right?  I didn't care much about Transport controls and Mackie/MUI details.  Just line up the MIDI to the bar and I'm good.

I don't know where the fault lies, with Arturia and it's implementation of sync (that seems to require USB for the BSP2 to respond to a DAW for even basic sync which is strange for a hardware sequencer that also hosts Clock i/o jacks, but unworkable for me if the BSP2 needs to be connected directly into a PC-USB port instead of a class-compliant MIDI interface) or with Logic and it's implementation of sync (across multiple menus and settings).   

I've spent the better part of 2 weeks on this, reading manuals, corresponding with Arturia, watching videos, and I'm done.  I'm turning Sync off, putting everything on Internal, and I'm just going to use LPX7's Flex and Smart Tempo capabilities and record MIDI into LPX7 in free form fashion and have LPX7 adjust tempo to the performance.  Amazingly, that's now become easier to do than fooling around with all manner of preference permutations and settings between BSP2 and LPX7.

It just blows my mind that I can't get a simple SPP or beat clock to work in standalone mode (say, using DIN MIDI?) between these two modern and capable pieces of kit!


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