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Author Topic: preset mode backlights  (Read 2266 times)


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preset mode backlights
« on: July 14, 2021, 12:14:36 am »
i think it really would be great if all the presets in the matrix, that aren't inits, would be backlit, so we can see which are actual patches and which are empty. would help finding and organizing patches and avoid overwriting patches accidentally.


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Re: preset mode backlights
« Reply #1 on: August 18, 2021, 07:44:00 am »
Use the Compare function to preview the sound you are about to save over:

MatrixBrute has 3 memories available when working with a preset:
• The active preset (i.e., the edit buffer)
• The physical panel settings
• The Compare mode memory
Compare mode allows you to view the stored presets while editing the current preset. This is useful in two ways:
• To compare the edited state of the preset to the unedited (stored) version, or to any other preset
• To preview another preset location before overwriting it with an edited preset.
To enable Compare mode, hold the large Preset button and press a matrix button to select a preset.
  The front
• • • • • •
panel behaves differently in Compare mode:
The Preset button blinks and the SEQ / MOD buttons are dark
The Sequencer screen displays COMP
The Preset screen displays the number of the previewed preset
Select a different preset to preview by pressing its matrix button
The blue, flashing matrix button indicates which preset is being previewed
You can make temporary changes to the previewed preset, but they can’t be saved...
...because the Save button will only save the preset that was edited before entering Compare mode.
Press Panel or Preset to exit Compare mode. This reloads the previous state of the preset, including any edits that had been made before entering Compare mode

Just a personal preference, but I use the bottom row of presets as “temporary” spots, to work on a sound and drop versions in case I wreck it, or save a couple sounds when jamming around, in case it turns into something and it makes sense to immortalize the sounds later, or I just want to revisit one of the previous sounds.


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