June 22, 2024, 12:23:43 am
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Author Topic: KeyLab Essential 88 With External Modules  (Read 670 times)

Curious Ken

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KeyLab Essential 88 With External Modules
« on: January 10, 2023, 01:24:30 am »
Hey all!
Mine hasn't actually arrived yet, but this isa preliminry question so I can get going ASAP.

I use Logic X and previously an M-Audio 88 Key (pre oxygen range).  The Arturia is replacing this as it's finally died.

As well as VSTs/AUs such  as Omnisphere, I have 2 AMT 8s and connected to that are a host of external, mutlitimberal midi modules.  Things such as the Yamaha Motif Rack, the Roland Fantom Rack, Nord 4X, Roland JV1080, Roand JV2020 as a few examples.

On the M-audio it was fairly clear (although long winded) how to assign CC91 for exapmple to its volume fader, it would then send it to whichever midi device I chose.  I have looked around online and not seen anywhere, people demonstrating how to assign custiom CCs to the Essential 88 (or any of the others in the family of products).

Does anyone know?

Some of the modules require MSB, some LSB, some a bank change and some require all or a mix of those.  Again how can I setup AND SAVE this on the Keylab Essential 88 please.

I appreciate any help/links


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