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Author Topic: Selling my Hailun 2013 5'10" grand. What price?  (Read 3516 times)


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Selling my Hailun 2013 5'10" grand. What price?
« on: January 08, 2021, 10:20:38 am »
I am an intermediate/advanced piano play and 3 yrs ago bought a Hailun 178 piano (yr 2013). I haven't played the past year due to a torn wrist ligament. I haven't had the piano tuned in that time either (and now it is a bit out of tune).

Anyway, the piano is in excellent condition, no scratches, clean, I always keep it closed when not playing it, etc. It also has 8 yrs left on the warranty.

Anyone have an idea on the selling price? I bought it used for $7k 3 yrs ago. My husband's mother is having some health issues, so we are moving back to Australia to live near her. I had planned on having this piano for life, but unfortunately it hasn't worked out that way. I also am not in a hurry to sell because we're not leaving for at least 8 months.


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Re: Selling my Hailun 2013 5'10" grand. What price?
« Reply #1 on: January 08, 2021, 11:59:54 am »
Welcome...but honestly, people here are not likely to know. This is a forum for users of Arturia software. Maybe Google 'piano forum' and see what turns up. Also consider emailing local specialists, because the market is going to be different from country to country.

Certainly where I live you can't even give real pianos away. A local church being demolished tried to literally give away three pianos (they were uprights fair enough not something prestigious like a grand) but as far as I know they ended up in the skip.

Good luck and sorry to read about your torn ligaments.
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