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Author Topic: Crashes in combination with 1010Music Blackbox  (Read 1205 times)


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Crashes in combination with 1010Music Blackbox
« on: January 07, 2021, 09:08:26 pm »
I owned the original Keystep and paired this with my Blackbox from 1010Music. No problems whatsoever.

I recently bought the Keystep37 and am experiencing a lot of crashes. Both Keystep and BB are updated with the newest firmware.

The BB has direct power from the socket. The Keystep37 is then USB powered by the BB (and transmits midi into BB this way). The Keystep37 send midi out to my hardware.

The most times it crashes is when I record a sequence and then play it back while still standing on the recorded tile. At this point the tile has the same midi output as the Keystep37. To prevent this I need to change the midi channel of the Keystep37 or I need to ‘stand’ on a different tile.

So I need to prevent that the set midi channel on the Keystep37 and the set midi channel from the seq tile are corresponding otherwise it all goes haywire.

My guess is that the USB connection from Keystep37 to BB makes somesort of midi send/ receive loop and then it crashes.

I also posted this on the BB forum. More people are having this problem. It’s very sad because Blackbox and Keystep are supposed to be a great team.


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