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Author Topic: DrumBrute sequenced @ 1/32 CLK OUT to MiniBrute CLK IN plays 2x BPM  (Read 1991 times)


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Due to the fact that the DrumBrute cannot pass MIDI THRU, I am stuck using the CLK OUT to sync my MiniBrute 2S via CLK IN. However, if i create a sequence on the DrumBrute quantized at 1/32 notes, the MiniBrute clocks at twice the BPM. So my 80BPM trap beat, plays the baseline at 160BPM! I don't want to use 32 steps at 1/32 to sequence a simple baseline.

How can i get the sync to keep the same BPM if I am using 1/32 on the DrumBrute???

Is this is an issue with the DrumBrute or the MiniBrute 2S???

I can kinda see why... In order to make 1/32 hi hats, I had to use 32 steps for 2 bars at 80BPM. The MiniBrute 2S sees that has 160BPM. If i change the quantization down to 1/16 on the DrumBrute, my beat plays half-time and the MiniBrute plays at 80BPM.

No issue if I make a simple 4/4 1 bar beat at 1/16 over 16 steps but you can't get that Trap sound with only 1/16 quantize.

Am I the only one with these two gears making these kinda beats!? Not everyone is into dance music and the DrumBrute has the trap sound right out the box! Come on man. Help??


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Re: DrumBrute sequenced @ 1/32 CLK OUT to MiniBrute CLK IN plays 2x BPM
« Reply #1 on: December 13, 2020, 07:35:21 pm »
I have this same combo of gear - I think I had the same issue but it just involved matching up the clock sync settings. They should both be set to the same. I think mine are 24PPQ.


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