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Author Topic: Rev Intensity Graphic Display Behavior  (Read 1446 times)


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Rev Intensity Graphic Display Behavior
« on: August 02, 2020, 07:10:56 am »
I'm posting this here because there is no section for Rev Intensity or all purpose software forum.

After wrestling with Rev Intensity to figure out why the blue action display in the size knob was no longer displaying anything, I realized a problem with the way that graphic works. It's based on input volume. That means it works as it should when used as an insert effect but doesn't work when used on a send. The reason is a send is at a lower level than what's typically feeding that graphic unless you have the send crank almost all the way up. Basically it is working while using it on a send but the signal from the send is basically too low to light up the meter that lightens and darkens with the volume. Yes you can crank your aux and lower the return alot, but when auditioning different reverbs you have to make an exception that takes an adjustment just for Rev Intensity.  This is an oversight because most people that know what they are doing mixing will be using this plugin on a an aux return type channel and using sends to feed it.

There's two probably easy solutions.

1: give us a variable trim control that's a gain for just the graphic display. This way it's easy to give a boost to the signal that feeds that graphic and we can get it showing the dynamics we want to see.

2: if one doesn't work you can make the display multi-colored on a (maybe user defineable) gradient. Instead of having low volumes be dark they can just be green for instance, going into yellow or blue or whatever that way low signals would always be visible.

I know that graphic is just a gimmick but it bugs me to not see it. It's a brilliant idea to show what the reverb is doing and confirming what you are hearing. C'mon using sends for reverb instead of inserts is the adult way. Everybody knows that.

Thank you.

PS I think it's funny you have an intelligence quiz you must pass with every post here lol.


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