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Author Topic: Microfreak audio output level - SOLVED  (Read 4236 times)


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Microfreak audio output level - SOLVED
« on: July 22, 2020, 05:20:57 am »

Just got a new 'Freak.  It's a fun little synth, but ooh that output level is the pits, Arturia!   :(  I plan on using mine with my Eurorack system, both as a controller as well as a sound source.  The output level in the 'Freak is way too low to drive anything in Eurorack, so after experimentation, I found that a preamp with a 36dB boost was what I needed.  Question for you all - if any of you are running audio from your 'Freak into a modular, what preamp are you using?  I don't really want to haul around another piece of gear (preamp) with my portable system so my preference is a small preamp in Eurorack form factor (like 4HP).  Gozinta by Circuit Abbey comes to mind.  I appreciate any of your comments, and thank you!

I have read the other thread on this topic, titled "Low output on many presets".  If I am using 'Freak with my DAW, no problem, plenty of room there to boost either in the DAW itself or with the preamps in my MOTU interface.  My issue is specifically related to using the 'Freak with my modular.

@MarkFromGermany started that other thread, @Germain.arturia asked for details on measured VU levels, and @MarkFromGermany and @TLW replied.  @Germain.arturia, has there been any further development or research on this?


EDIT: SOLVED! I seldom use a Mikrophonie module that I have, remembered it is a mic preamp. Looked at the schematic, with the front panel knob fully CCW, the module provides 5x or 14dB gain. That was enough to boost the 'Freak as needed. If I need any more gain, I can boost it just a little, as needed. I also had a few Calrad audio iso transformers, added that in-line at the line out of the 'Freak, got rid of any extraneous ground hum that I had from disparate power supplies between the 'Freek and the modular system.
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