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Author Topic: Arturia Minilab MKII terrible knobs  (Read 3735 times)


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Arturia Minilab MKII terrible knobs
« on: June 24, 2020, 01:51:31 pm »
Beautiful design. Horrible problems. Jumpy knobs, most of them. Im almost sure it must be a hardware issue.
Unfortunately Ive wait too much for warranty so I just wanted to suggest ARTURIA CREW to be humble and find a solution.
As many users I read Ive tryed every single method with no success.
Please. Do what yo MUST DO.
No correct Knob response even in a basic MIDI analizer. Im so sad because all its controls and size is exacly what I need but I WASTED MY MONEY and yeah, I admire your work but cant think about getting any arturia hardware.
Response?. Solution?.
Thank you.


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Re: Arturia Minilab MKII terrible knobs
« Reply #1 on: July 28, 2020, 09:24:20 pm »
Try the firmware update Arturia released recently. I updated to 1.1.2 and the experience is so much better now.

And of course, make sure you have the absolute/relative mode stuff correct.


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Re: Arturia Minilab MKII terrible knobs
« Reply #2 on: January 05, 2022, 09:53:50 pm »
I have to ask, does anyone know if their newer firmware updates have fixed this issue on the Keylab mkii as well? I love V Collection and Analog Lab, and how perfectly my Minilab mkii interfaces with them (not to mention the overall build quality - aside from some loud, clacky keys - is incredible for $100), but the jumpy knobs lead me to the same process of going back to my recorded automation and deleting the "jump points" every time; at that point it's probably quicker just to draw the automation in by hand, lol.

I'm interested in the Keylab mkii as my first higher price tier MIDI keyboard, but now I'm considering getting the Native Instruments S49 instead. I am invested in both plugin ecosystems so I was already on the fence anyway. This is making the choice a bit easier. I really would prefer to go with Keylab but I would rather have to manually remap MIDI CCs than have the convenience of automapping for Analog Lab but have glitchy encoders. A few hundred dollars is a major investment for me, so I have to choose wisely.

Thanks in advance for any replies and sorry if I'm too late here. I'm not very "cultured" on "forum culture" so I never really got why "necro-ing" threads is looked down upon - I see a discussion I would like to add to, so I just do it. I could make a new post but there's a perfectly good discussion here already so why take up the extra space? That's my mindset anyway. (Update - Just realized the "next" button on the other thread I was reading switched me to another thread instead of going to the next page of replies. Whoops. I actually just replied to the wrong thread. Feeling pretty silly now)
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