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Author Topic: KeyStep Pro - Firmware update v1.2.6  (Read 7470 times)


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KeyStep Pro - Firmware update v1.2.6
« on: June 12, 2020, 09:38:03 am »
KeyStep Pro
V 1.2.6

New features
New MIDI In implementation
In Split mode, making a new split replaces the previous one
In Auto sync + Stop, KeyStep Pro can now use its internal clock even if it has been slaved beforehand
Master tempo is kept when going back to Int
New Quantize ON / Quantize OFF screen message
New Copy /Paste a Page action has now a screen feedback
Patterns can now be changed when record is ON
New warning message "Can't paste steps between Drum and Seq"

MIDI clock is not sent anymore to USB when slaved to USB
In Step edit + Play, pressing a key no longer sends MIDI
When Slaved, tempo is now displayed in whole numbers only
When slaved, record count-in is now disabled
Notes played during count in and maintained on start are now recorded

Bug Fixes
Metronome default time division is now 1/4th
Solo now takes over Mute on Seq tracks
[Control mode] CC automation tracks can now be erased by holding erase and turning one of the CC knobs.
[Control mode] Activate a CC Track step no longer activate the other CC Tracks on this step
Hold and sustain pedal are now working correctly on track 2, 3 and 4
[Drum Track] All drum instruments are now copied when we copying a drum Track page
[Drum Track] Switching from Mono to Poly for the first time now sets all tracks lengths to the Mono length.
[Drum Track] Notes entered with Step Edit are no longer deleted when recording another Drum Instrument in Real Time
[Drum Track] The number of drum instruments playing on a step is now correctly capped to 16
[Drum Track] Extending a sequence after switching from Poly to Mono no longer creates unwanted notes
[Drum Track] All drum patterns now share the same Time division
CV Pitch Bend tuning is now correct
Pitch Bend range for voice 3 and voice 4 is now correctly saved
We can now copy steps outside of page 16
Paste empty steps on existing steps now erases them
Steps no longer need to be pressed twice to be deactivated if they were activated with Step Edit while the KeyStep Pro was stopped
Various LED fixes
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