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Author Topic: Randomly changing parameters in a selected preset  (Read 4135 times)


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Randomly changing parameters in a selected preset
« on: May 29, 2018, 01:37:06 am »

I am writing this to three companies, namely Slate Digital, Arturia and Ableton, because I cannot figure out where the problem lies. What I am about to explain happened out of the blue while opening an existing, recent Ableton Live project. When I started playback, it all sounded weird and low in volume. After inspecting what was going on, I figured that the Slate Mix Rack, Arturia SEM filter and M12 filter I used on those channels changed from their preset state randomly all by themselves. No automation or midi controller assignments were used. I dug deeper and the issue gets even weirder. Any project I open from there onwards, all three above mentioned plugins will change their state after I select a wanted preset - this is noticeable in sound and I get an asterisk near to the preset name. So by selecting whatever preset , from the dream presets for instance Classic Strip 1, an asterisk will pop up next to the name immediately and the knobs on the included plugins will change their position randomly to a new random state and stay there. Never the same if I switch from one preset to another and back to a previous one. The same goes for presets in Arturia M12 and SEM filter.

I reinstalled Slate, reinstalled Arturia M12, reinstalled Ableton 10 Suite, reset Ableton, you name it Ö
However, I only reinstalled over, which means I didnít uninstall those plugs or apps, except for Arutria M12, but to no avail.
Nothing helps. I am using AU plugins, so I tested with VST and this worked fine.
It seems all the non-native plugins I used in the project got corrupted and I just donít know where to look for a solution. As far as I tested Native Instruments plugins, they behave normally. Web is scarce with info and I couldnít find any threads resembling my issue.

I tested in Logic Pro X and it all works fine there. So please, talk to me, what should I do. Ableton is useless for me like that, the same goes for Slate and Arturia.

My system:
Macbook Pro 2015, 2,8 GHz Intel Core i7, 16G RAM, El Capitan
Apogee Ensemble audio interface
Ableton 10 Suite up to date
Arturia up to date
Slate up to date

Best regards


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