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Author Topic: hybrid toggle/latch mode - an easy way to play pads in mute or solo mode  (Read 3484 times)


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This mode has three states shown by the button lights: off, on, blinking

Pressing mute/solo short works exactly as in the normal toggle mode.
Only this time pressing mute/solo long activates latch mode.

This enables the player after switchig from mute/solo to latch, to turn off mute/solo without the need the clear the mute solo/group.

I have used long button presses in other instruments and IMHO they work well.

This solves the issues raised here:

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I think something like this would be very desirable, but I would implement it differently. I would allow to edit soloed or muted tracks when you hold the corresponding button (solo or mute). This is the most immediate solution with no delays. In other words, pressing down solo or mute button would engage the edit mode. Releasing solo or mute button would exit the edit mode and toggle the solo/mute state of the entire machine. The drum pads would remain playable as long as you don't hold those buttons. This is actually how I expected it to work initially.
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