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Author Topic: BUG: BSP can not ignore incoming program change messages?  (Read 579 times)


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BUG: BSP can not ignore incoming program change messages?
« on: December 15, 2019, 08:49:44 pm »
I am using Korg Minilogue to record sequences sometimes, because you get different results when using a keyboard than using the pads of BSP. I like both methods.

However, when I change a program on Minilogue, also BSP is obeying to the program change and will switch away from the current project - from what I understand it even does not save the current project, but just switches immediately - I would describe this as a BUG.

I could not find any way to make BSP ignore these Program change messages - I would expect to have that in any advanced sequencer, so maybe I am doing it wrong? How can I set BSP to ignore program change messages?

Also I found nothing that would help neither in the MCC nor in the manual.

It looks like BSP devs simply forgot to implement that? This is such a basic feature, I remember even very simple synths 30 years ago could be set to ignore program change messages - I have a hard time believing that Arturia did not implement this fo rthe BSP. I must be wrong with this. Please tell me I am wrong.

Currently I am using a Midi Thru box that can filter these events, but this complicates the whole setup, also of course for some instruments (hardware and software) you want program change messages to work, so disabling them globally with a midi hardware filter is not a good solution and only a bad fix. Of course you want to be able to make the instrument ignore program change messages.

I still hope that I did not find the right instructions or have overseen something very obvious - but if not, then please fix this missing feature - very basic for slightly more advanced setups.

Thank you very much!

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