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Author Topic: Can't start any arturia software after a disk problem (fixed)  (Read 1150 times)


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Can't start any arturia software after a disk problem (fixed)
« on: December 21, 2019, 02:27:24 pm »
Hello, I post a solution to a problem I just had with ASC and lot of softwares  not working anymore, namely ASC and arturia softwares.

This morning, I had problems with my RAID disk and had to disable an SSD (which had a temp volume and a cache partition for RAID) to get back access to the RAID volume. Fortunately, Windows was on another separate SSD and I could fix the problem by disabling the faulty SSD.

After that I started MIDI control center and it told me an update was available. I accepted the update, and it did some download and tried to restart I think, but then it disappeared.

Since then, I couldn't start any of my arturia software : all the synths from V-collection, Pigments, Analog Lab ... The software center (ASC) didn't start neither.

I explored indows error logs, uninstalled and reinstalled etc, to no avail.

But while I was posting my problem here, I realized that the crashed SSD was also the one I had redirected TEMP and TP variables to, and now they were pointing to a non-existing volume (D:).

Editing the environnement variables TEMP and TMP to let them point back to C: fixed my problems.

The TEMP and TMP variables are the one Windows is refering to when an application asks for a temporary file or directory. Letting these variables point to an non existing volume is a source of many problems, like the one I had with Arturia software but also, it crashed all by downloads in Firefox for example.

I'm not sure a lot of peoples have the idea of editing TEMP and TMP to let them point to an SSD - that's pretty nerdy in fact - but in the case someone meets the same issue maybe my post can help. It could also help Arturia to improve the sofwtares in case the temp files / directories cannot be created or opened.


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