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Author Topic: ElectroMechanical patch has two wires coming out of the same hole, How is this  (Read 1881 times)


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In the ElectroMechanical patch How is it possible to plug into the same hole in 2 separate places?  Pre-amp vco1 goes to vco sin but then sine goes from vco sin to output vco 2.  But it appears to use the same hole for 2 seperate wires?  I just got Timewarp to compare between both of these so I was trying to duplicate this in timewarp to learn more about how these synthesizers work?  They dropped the price of Timewarp down to $20 so I thought I would get it.  I think so far Arp 2600 V is much better.  I tried to submitch an attachment of the patch but it said the file size of the paint was too large and its in png.


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First - Be careful to not confuse outputs with inputs.

Secondly - The orange labels under the sliders show how the slider is pre wired. That mean it show what's going into that input without doing any visible cable connection. when you pull a cable into that input, then it replace the connection the orange label show.

Then - What you call Pre Amp is actually a Ring Modulator. The first section of the GUI contain a Preamplifier, a Envelope Follower and a Ring Mod.

Also - It's possible in ARP 2600 V to pull multiple cables from one output to different inputs. It's only possible to plug one cable into a input.

So - What you actually see in that Electro Mechanical preset / patch you mention is, the VCO-2s Sine waves output is pluged into one of the Ring Mods two inputs. (The Sine wave of VCO-3 is pluged into the Ring Mods second input.)
And then you see 2 more cables going from the same Sine wave output to 2 of the Filters audio inputs.

And then i can add -
You can observe, that the output plug of the Ring Mod is empty. (It's the plug labled "OUT" right of the Orange label "RING Mod".) But as the first audio slider in the filter is turned up without any visible cable, then it's actually wired to the Ring Mods output like the orange label beneath the slider tell.

I hope this will help you.

I don't have Timewarp, so i can't tell, if you can do the same in that.
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