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Author Topic: Missing MIDI CCs for Filter Amnt and Fall/Shape - and weird CC codes  (Read 2657 times)


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So, I tried setting up the Microfreak as a controller for Ableton and Collection V yesterday and realised there are some CCs missing.

"Filter Amt" never sends CCs.
With LOCAL=OFF (ie "controller mode), Fall/Shape doesn't send CCs either.

When "playing around" yesterday evening (with the new firmware) the Filter Cutoff also stopped sending CCs while others like Resonance worked fine.

Otherwise the new firmware seems to work way better - still the occasional knob movement / save button flashing but way way better. Much improved latency as well, works fine as a drum pad in ableton now.

Here's the full list of MIDI CCs if someone finds them useful.
I think it's very weird that the Microfreak doesn't use "standard" CCs for things like Cutoff (74), Resonance (71), Attack (73), Decay/Release (72) etc - as that would significantly reduce the need for mapping MIDI controls when using it as a controller or just controlling it from other hardware mapped to "standard" CCs.

Glide 5
Type 9
Wave 10
Timbre 12
Shape 13
Cutoff 23
Resonance 83
Rise/Shape 102
Fall/Shape 103 / dead when LOCAL=OFF
Hold/Sustain 28
Amount 24
Rate/Swing 91
Rate 94
Attack 105
Decay/Rel 106
Sustain 29
Filter Amount dead
Strip 1/PB


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Here is the official MIDI implementation chart:


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Thanks Edouard,

The "actual" implementation differs from the official - the "Cycling Env Fall" sends CC 103 when in Local mode, otherwise nothing (as the spec says).

It's a real drawback that Filter Amnt doesn't send CCs. In combination with the flaw in "Cycling Env Fall" it means that the obvious "4x2" controller knobs can't be mapped to the corresponding "4x2" macro parameters in either Ableton's Instrument Rack or the macro knobs in Pigments and Analog Labs.

Please add this as a feature request if it's intended behaviour.



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Hi Peblin,
thanks for your post.
you're totally right, about the missing CC message in our list regarding fall knob.
Same for the issue with this knob when in local control off. nice catch!

"When "playing around" yesterday evening (with the new firmware) the Filter Cutoff also stopped sending CCs while others like Resonance worked fine."
If you manage to reproduce it, and tell me some steps to reproduce, i'll be happy to investigate.

for the blinking save button, please note that it is an indicator, telling user that the knob reached the value sotred in the preset.

About the filter amount knob never sending CC, it is a bit harder, as this one has a bipolar behavior and is an alias of the env to cutoff point in the matrix.

Anyway, i'll log all your findings in our database.


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Re: Missing MIDI CCs for Filter Amnt and Fall/Shape - and weird CC codes
« Reply #4 on: April 28, 2020, 12:50:41 pm »
the fact Arturia seemed to totally disregard the Standard CC values is VERY bloody annoying.
Yes, me too. Is this a French thing, like having their own nuclear weapons? Anyway, I wanted to control parameters on my new Microfreak from my Yamaha MX synth which has controllers, most of which are mapped permanently to the standard CC settings. Obviously, that's not possible, given Arturia's infuriating insistence on pointlessly using non-standard settings and there being no way to change them. A firmware update to allow users to change CC mappings is urgently required. Why not, Arturia? I'll soon be wishing I'd bought another Yamaha or Roland. At least they work together.


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