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Author Topic: Not just even, triplet and dotted note values for LFO sync but....  (Read 1330 times)


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So one thing that bugs me in most synths etc with some "clock-able"  features like LFOs is the lack of a truly flexible musical implementation of time division. So if this thing ever gets triplet and dotted note values it will be a massive improvement BUT still lacking in musical flexibility. I would like to be able to dial in a 5 or 7 tuplet as just one example. That would be like squeezing 7 beats in to four or 5 in to four. Now with those last two there is no real quantise value.
Try this:-
in your DAW make seven quarter notes over 7 beats then time compress that into 4 beats. If you then look at your available quantise values none of them will fit except the first note at the beginning. Even at 96PPQN the positions fall outside that resolution (zoom in forever and there is still no quantise value!). Where do you hear this 7 tuplet phenomenon? Well if you score out a vocal line that you recorded you quite often find these type of tuplets. Guitar solos too. For me I love the feeling of the beat speeding up with tuplet fills on the drums etc.
Also lacking is the possibility for poly rhythmic and irrational time divisions. For example I may have a track that is in 4/4 time but want a polyrhythmic LFO running at 7/16 over the top. One of many many scenarios where most music tech comes up short.
Now I know most music in the western world is 4/4 and not really rhythmically adventurous but as a composer I would like to the option to use more esoteric divisions of time values that still sync.
The fact that the MxB shipped with only even divisions of time value for the LFOs is very very disappointing.


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