September 24, 2023, 06:34:16 am
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Author Topic: Keylab Button LEDs - Can they match Mainstage button on/off status?  (Read 2368 times)


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Hey all,
There's an old thread that touches on this but doesn't fully answer the question (at least not to my limited experience - I've gotten pretty good at setting up my Mainstage rig, but I'm still a midi/sysex noob).

So there was mention in that old thread that there is a way to have the LEDs on the buttons I've set to correspond to controls in Mainstage match the on/off status of the corresponding toggles in Mainstage - so that as I switch patches the buttons will update to match current status (or is the correct term value?).

The solution mentioned was something about a separate application running that takes the midi messages I can send from Mainstage and converts it to sysex that the Keylab can receive.

My problems with that thread's advice:
1. It's still a bit over my head on how I'd even begin to set that up - hex values and such, which I have no idea where I'd enter, etc.
2. It looks like the recommended application that handles the translation is a Windows application, so I'm not sure how that could work for Mainstage (being an OSX-only app)
3. The thread as far as I can tell started with a question about Mainstage, but got answered in regards to MAX.

Is there anyone who can explain, as if to a wee lad who knows nothing, how I can get my Mainstage buttons to tell my Keylab button LEDs to be on or off? Thanks!


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