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Author Topic: Sequencer Pause & Ext. Sync  (Read 2047 times)


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Sequencer Pause & Ext. Sync
« on: May 27, 2018, 12:34:52 am »
I'm finding that when I pause a pattern (press play while playing) and then restart (press play) my 2S is out of sync with the externally sync'd clock. All works fine using start/stop. The external clk starts as soon as I press start, the 2S waits for the next rising edge pulse?  2s clock is set at 24ppq. My external clk is a Pamela's New Workout.

From Edouard,
 Edouard (Arturia Support)
Jun 19, 10:03 CEST
Hello Brian
The behavior of the MiniBrute is correct and respects the sync convention.
When a device is paused, when pressing continue, it starts from the exact position it has been paused.
So I checked your clock module manual just our of curiosity, and noticed this:

External Clock Input
> Clock Pulse
> Option ‘Run’ or 'Reset'
" Pam also needs to know if it should start the clock automatically when an external clock signal is detected or wait for an external signal via the ‘Run' input to go high and then start the clock. By default Pam is setup to follow a Din Sync like clock. This has a PPQN of 24 and uses the run input to start and stop the clock. (NOTE: You can use an ALM004 - D.S.G or adapter cable to connect to a Din Sync style connector - see Appendix IV) 15 of 25 ALM-017 - ‘Pamela’s NEW Workout’ To change these settings - select the top level BPM clock screen and then press and long hold the program knob for just over 1 second. The ‘external’ Clock sub menu will be displayed. From this sub menu you can change both the expected PPQN value or assign it to ‘CV” where a voltage level (patched into CV1 input not clock!) controls tempo."

This may help obtain the behavior you are expecting?

Looking forward to hearing from you

Musically Yours
Edouard - Arturia Support

    So,this is what I think is happening. When I press play to pause - time signature 4/4, 24ppq - say at 4 and I am a little ahead of the beat, the 2S will know I am at beat 3 plus say 18 clock pulses. When I press play to resume play the 2S will pick up at this point counting the 6 clock pulses before advancing to beat 4. PNW does not know this reference point, it just sees a resumption of the clock signal and sends out clk data at its outputs. I'm driving a Blacet Hex Zone with PNW. The HZ jumps to the next step in it's sequence upon the resumption of clk signal. So, the two sequencers will be slightly out, depending on the BPM this will be potentially noticeable or not. Interesting, I have to practice pausing on the beat. A neat feature request would be to have the pause function quantized to the nearest beat of the time division on the pitch track. This would keep both the int. & ext. clocking in beat sync.
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