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Author Topic: 1973-Pre : wow. I *am* actually using it. (moved to the right thread!)  (Read 2733 times)


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(Reposted in here, I had posted it in the V76 forum by accident.  This has to do with the 1973-Pre)

When I saw the announcement email for pre-amp plugins, I nearly passed it by.  Whoever in marketing decided to run the promo alongside filters really made the click-through inevitable. 

Everybody loves filters, because everybody can hear a filter's immediate effect easily.  In most cases you literally can't miss it.   Pre-amps though, I have never personally had any use for because frankly I felt like the effect was sometimes so subtle that it would be missed anyway after a few other devices in a chain.

Well, I don't really care if the actual sound overlay is legitimately that of the original board.  After a few days of using it and A/B testing with careful listening, it is becoming more apparent that not only is the device immediately musically useful but that the presets are, insofar as I can tell, APTLY NAMED.  Both external and software sound sources all take on a variety of very musically pleasant timbre changes.  (For example, the already very alive Sub37 came to life in a different way.)

Good stuff.
Low CPU: when I drop it on every channel it does eventually add up it is noticeable, but not performance-significant, on my 2015 MBP)

Presets: Aggressive Bass, Analogue Air, Sweet Touch, and Warm Things Up are literally go-tos now.

So anyway, I have also been enjoying all three filters, of the pre's this is the one that has stood out for me so far -- and because I'm surprised a pre-amp is standing out at all, I wanted to write this out. 

All this to say, it's worth a demo at the least.

No, I don't work for Arturia.  I bought the plugin and type fast  8)

Matt Arturia

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I'm very glad you like the 1973-Pre. We put a lot of effort in making it and it's always rewarding to read feedback from users like this. I'll share your comment with the team :)


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