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Author Topic: Can SEM or M-12 Filter work like Rebirth-338 Pattern/Envelope Controlled Filter?  (Read 1892 times)


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I got the email this weekend about the new filter pack offer and am curious if by chance any of these can function like the "PCF" (Pattern Controlled Filter) of the old Rebirth 338 software synth?

Some technical info I got from one of Rebirth 338's biggest fans/users describes (at least in terms of plugins/effects available for the Reason DAW) how it worked:

ECF-42, The Reason 1.0 filter device, is essentially the same filter as the ReBirth PCF.  In order to recreate the the pattern modulation, you would connect a Matrix Pattern Sequencer to the ECF-42 ... mainly the env gate trigger and optionally freq cv. You would then program the patterns illustrated in the rebirth manual on the gate CV lane.

It looks to my untrained/synth n00b eyes and ears that at least 2 of these filters can have a sequencer perform envelope gating of the filter, and some of the demos sounded like this kind of thing might have been happening.  But I am admittedly new to a lot of this and trying to learn.

It would be reaaally interesting if I could get effects like this out of one or more of these filters.  Any idea?


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