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Author Topic: { Not a V6 Question } : V5 Updates issue [dropped OS ?]  (Read 1152 times)


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{ Not a V6 Question } : V5 Updates issue [dropped OS ?]
« on: February 07, 2018, 06:30:31 pm »
The Child board structure of the site is really confusing - this post may or may not need moving

There's no V5 issue child board, so does this imply you don't support it after only a year !?


ASC is showing me that there are a host of minor updates for V5 but that i'm denied access to all except two of these because the goalposts have shifted since purchase. ASC also shows me that there are updates for V4, so i don't entirely trust the usefulness of the info presented

At time of purchase 10.9 was supported, it's reasonable to expect the maintenance updates to come in for supported OSs. Minimum OS requirements should be changing only ahead of purchasing a major increment release. Frankly i'm livid about this because it comes on top of the holding back of the high res graphics of a slew of the V5 plugins for the V6 release - this was advertised as a reason to opt into V5 from V4 and the graphics are great on a big screen, so it's even more noticeable when you jump to one of the 'old res' plugins - they do not stretch well. The promised graphics should roll out for the V5 suite - the new features is of course another matter, but bugs should most certainly be fixed on the plugins for the OSs catered for at time of purchase. There are issues (perhaps including yet undiscovered ones) with the plugins and i cannot stand to think that these will be left baked into the plugins forever.

There was also an update for Analog Lab 3 which i've never really explored, so this is latest/current and clearly runs on Mavericks so maybe there's some hope, but i'm not sure when this was piped out as ASC hadn't been run for a while.

So can someone from Arturia please comment on the support situation for V5 purchasers and in particular for Mavericks users - i'd also like to know about the enhanced res UI that was advertised for the V5 suite (absent from quite a few, stretching does not count)  - upgrading a computer OS is not always an option, nor desirable or without issue and Mavericks is considered a fairly stable OS - plus Apple do not facilitate an upgrade to Yosemite in any case

This page of the forum has been silent for many weeks, hopefully there can be a bit of feedback on these points to work with soon - go on, prove my fears wrong


If there are ways and means to explore the option of moving from Mavericks (10.9) to something stable/lean but DEFINITELY prior to High Sierra(10.13) then i'm keen to investigate or hear feedback, but would embark on this extremely reluctantly and absolutely not just to get these updates, that would be absurd and will hopefully be unnecessary


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