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Author Topic: Piano V2 presets, models, and parameters  (Read 3417 times)


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Piano V2 presets, models, and parameters
« on: March 10, 2018, 07:06:04 pm »

Piano V2 is a major triumph of piano modeling, especially given its early developmental stage. It really combines the best of digital low latency and analog sound quality. Already it supplies a very good set of pianos. I think that the existing presets/variations for each piano are in general excellent starting - or even ending - points for making minor parameter changes. In fact, I think that the quality of these presets is worth much more than having the ability to alter every single parameter down to the note-by-note level (as e.g. in pianoteq, which is good in its own right, but to my ears always (that is, in all its piano models) has artificially harsh sound in the upper register that unpleasantly and sometimes fatally interferes with upper melodic lines).

The existing set of parameters in V2 is to my mind almost adequate. The reasons are (1) the existing set is surprisingly effective and simple and (2) as the number of adjustable parameters increases beyond a certain point, the utility of the parameters decreases. Re (2), the user has to waste valuable time juggling a morass of mutually interfering parameters. My experience with doing that in pianoteq has been frustrating, and usually unsuccessful. If the presets are very good, then by definition only minor adjustments, if any, are needed. So, this is my appeal to Arturia (Pierre Pfister among others stands out as being exceptional) to keep up the excellent work and keep on focussing on presets and great sounding piano models, and not to focus as much on providing extra parameters. 

Finally, it would be valuable for users to be able to use piano models from earlier software versions even after software updates, so they can get their work done efficiently without having to readapt to a new model. This may already be possible but I'm not sure. Many thanks to Arturia for providing this extremely valuable software.


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