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Author Topic: FIX:Update the VST support for remote mapping for Keylab, Analog Lab 3 in Reason  (Read 10831 times)

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Hi Arturia,

Kindly ask you to update the remote mapping for the Keylab and Analog Lab 3 combo for Propellerheads Reason. The latest revision is v1.0.0 for Reason 6.5.  Today Reason is in version 10 and hosts VST since v9. But the remote mapping for Keylab and Analog Lab is lacking. So the controls like knobs and faders does not work in the VST for Analog Lab 3.

Please update the remote mapping in KeylabXX.remotemap and KeylabXX.luacodec to work for Analog Lab 3 VST and Reason 9.5 and above.



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Thanks for all this work Kristo! - how do I upvote this?


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Wrong forum?


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I added this on the end of Keylab49.remotemap and seems to work. Not fully tested yet:
Watch out for the proper tabs in the lines.

Scope   Arturia   vst.Ala2.Analog Lab 3_device
//   Control Surface Item   Key   Remotable Item   Scale   Mode
// Line 729
Map   volume      P1 General Level
Map   cut      P1 CutOff
Map   reso      P1 Emphasis
Map   lforate      P1 Lfo Rate
Map   lfoamt      P1 Amount Mod1
Map   chorus      P1 Chorus Dry/Wet

Map   param1      P1 Level Osc1
Map   param2      P1 Level Osc2
Map   param3      P1 Level Osc3
Map   param4      P1 Level Noise
Map   delay      P1 Delay Wet

Map   atk1      P1 VCF Attack
Map   dec1      P1 VCF Decay
Map   sus1      P1 VCF Sustain
Map   rel1      P1 Amount
Map   atk2      P1 VCA Attack
Map   dec2      P1 VCA Decay
Map   sus2      P1 VCA Sustain
Map   rel2      P1 Decay
Map   fader9a      P1 Legato


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