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Author Topic: Features request  (Read 2126 times)


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Features request
« on: November 17, 2017, 11:03:13 pm »
I currently go through every instrument in Analog Lab 2 (As well as Modular V) in order to create my own bank listings.  For example, I create new banks for TRUE INSTRUMENTS: True Guitars, True Bass, True Piano etc. such that I have access to the actual sounding instruments without going through 600+ instruments in each bank, which means, I go though each and every instrument and FAVORITE them and then, once done (All BASS as an example) I then SAVE-AS each favorited instrument as a new user bank.  This means, I have to use the mouse a lot then switch to keyboard to enter the info then save each instrument and UNFAVORITE the ones in the original bank.  What is SORELY needed are keyboard shortcuts and the following are suggested:
ALT-S  Save
ALT-A  Save-As
ALT-I   Import
ALT-E  Export Presets
ALT-B  Export Bank
ALT-0 through ALT-9    Quickly Resize window to 0=100%, 1=120%, 2=140%, 3=160%, 4=180%, 5=200%, 6=60%, 7=70%, 8=80%, 9=90%
ALT-C  Toggle Console view
ALT-F  Toggle Keyboard view

Allow renaming of user banks - Example: Rename  FAV BASS   to   TRUE BASS
Allow renaming of types - Example: _KEYS  to   KEYS!
Delete an entire bank -  Example:  DELETE TRUE PIANO
SAVE all favorite in one list to another bank

Right click on the bank list and pop up a menu to:  1:Rename, 2:Delete, 3:Copy-As
    Same as "Types" and  "Characteristics"

That's it for the time being.



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