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Author Topic: How to backup a dongle?  (Read 6531 times)

Viv Savage

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How to backup a dongle?
« on: December 30, 2017, 01:58:22 pm »
I have an old version of Collection (I'd have to look it up but I think 3) which is protected by a Synchrosoft/Steinberg dongle. On their site I read that I have to register the licenses on the dongle to make sure I have a backup in case something happens to the dongle. So I registered and all the other dance moves, but they do not see any licenses on it... Wut? It sees the dongle and finds the correct serial number, just nothing on it! The eLicenser program does and I can simply start protected programs/plugins, so I know it all works.

How can I make a backup of them? I've contacted Steinberg's support but they aren't exactly speedy in answering. I am using the latest version of their eLicenser Control Center before you tell me to update. And getting V Collection 6 isn't the solution either as I already have that... I am talking about postponing getting a new laptop (or does V Collection 6 run under Mac Snow Leopard as a hidden feature? Doubt it).

The licenses I am talking about are:
  • Prophet V 1.0
  • Jupiter-8V 1.0
  • Mini V
  • CS-80V2
  • Modular V
  • ARP 2600V2
  • Oberheim SEM V
  • Spark Vintage Drum Machines
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Re: How to backup a dongle?
« Reply #1 on: October 06, 2018, 11:23:53 pm »
Well, the eLicenser program is where you back up the dongle but, you can't back it up since it will remove it from the dongle to the computer.  HOWEVER, what I have done, is to backup the dongle to the computer and do a system backup, which back's up the registrations and once it's done, I simply move the registrations back into the dongle.  That way, if something happens to the dongle, you simply buy a new one, restore the backed up registrations then move it back into the new dongle.
It's the long way around but it should work.


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