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Author Topic: Pitch Bend expressions - please introduce this  (Read 1322 times)


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Pitch Bend expressions - please introduce this
« on: July 11, 2017, 10:54:10 am »
The Pitch Bend wheel should function as a modulation source! Not only for obvious use like pitching a self-oscillating filter together with the oscillators, but also to give more life and acoustic-like behaviour to patches when you bend notes (you could introduce all kinds of subtle changes to the sound).

Related to this is a technical problem: when using the pitch wheel, the CV output isn't bended. So when you use an external oscillator controlled by CV, it will remain static while the onboard MB oscillators bend. This surprised me, as I thought the CV outs were tappet right before the oscillator pitch inputs. If the hardware architecture makes this impossible to fix, then it's the more reason to allow for the pitch wheel as a modulator.

The pitch range must then be made to go from 0-12 (not 1-12 like now).

This way you can set pitch bend range to 0 and route it to the VCO pitches via the matrix instead, meaning the external CV will also follow.

Having the option to set the range to zero is handy anyway when having the wheel as a mod source, since then you can leave out pitch altogether and have a nice springy modulator for anything.
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