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Author Topic: youtube: an old moog modular system rediscovered in a university cellar restored  (Read 3943 times)


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an old moog modular system, with some experimental modification from robeert moog  rediscovered in a university cellar restored

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Kevin R

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Very cool. That's one lucky guy!


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Doesn't anybody notice how OUT OF TUNE this thing is? And the way he has patched up the signals is very crude-sounding. In the late 1970's I had the good (or bad) fortune to be able to spend about 3 years using a Moog 55 system on a daily basis in a school studio. (The 55 was a somewhat more reliable version of the one shown here.) In order to get anything usable out of these old machines, you had to spend hours tweaking them. And then you needed to get your sounds on tape AFAP before the damn thing went out of whack again! Even Wendy Carlos abandoned analog synths as soon as she could get hold of a digital system (which she helped to design) in about 1984. That was called the DKS Synergy. It was a total commercial failure, but at least she got a couple of albums and a movie score (Tron") out of it. Restoring old Moog systems like this is a huge waste of time and money.

There's almost nothing you can do with such monsters that you can't do in software. Such as MODULAR V. But too bad Arturia crippled version 3 by removing the "Effects" version. There is a huge world of tings you can do if you are able to patch signals from the outside world through a modular system like that. The Bode Frequency Shifter and Fixed Filter Bank are almost worth the price!


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Wendy invited me and friend to her apartment after one AES Show in NYC in the late 1980's. I got to see the original SOB Moog, GDS System (which developed into the Synergy) and her old 8-track tape recorder. It was a fun afternoon.


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