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Author Topic: More tweaks across the whole instrument  (Read 2831 times)


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More tweaks across the whole instrument
« on: July 10, 2017, 03:55:18 pm »
A long list of features that, between them, would make this THE best B3/C3 emulation:

1. Choice of amps - valve/transistor, clean/aggressive through to hard rock amp (think Jon Lord)
2. Choice of Leslie units and speakers (122/147...), including non-Leslie speakers such as 4x12
3. Leslie options
    (a) flexible mic placement (distance, spread, front/back...)
    (b) deceleration/brake options for horns and bass rotor
    (c) wind noise, belt conditions, etc.
4. Percussion tweaks
    (a) decay customisation (for fast and slow options)
    (b) level customisations (for normal, soft and also maybe "level drop" for the main signal)
5. Chorus/Vibrator tweaks, amongst others including scanner depth, chorus mix...
6. Tonewheel condition/age to reflect different "customisations/maintenance" of C3/B3s
7. Some others
    (a) Background hum/transformer noise in addition to the other tweaks
    (b) Keyclick tweaks - using velocity (or not), brilliance of keyclick
    (c) Tonewheel scaling adjustments (by six zones around relative volumes, maybe 6-way)
    (d) Foldback on 16' option (on or off)
    (e) Specific Pedal "decay" option
8. Tuning
9. Love to see the trick of "powering down" spinning down tonewheels and valve amp!

A long list, but as this moves forward I'd love B3-V to become the ONLY organ simulation that I'd need to go to, rather than multiple options to get the different aspects that these tweaks address.


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