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Author Topic: "General purpose CV Input", which is available as mod-source at the matrix?  (Read 1530 times)


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Since all CV inputs/outputs on the back of the intrument are linked to a destination source, it would be great, if there was at least one external CV input, which would be available on the matrix as a flexible modulation source.

Since this is a hardware issue, it could be too late to be implemented, but it would be great, if there was an opportunity.

Question: Can we use the ext1 or ext2 external inputs to connect to an external CV without causing damage? I know that both sockets have a supply voltage of 3.3V for the pedals. Since both (pedal) inputs are in the matrix, combined with macro knob 3 and 4, we could theoretically use this to a purpose, which originally wasn't intended?

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Good point! I reckon the expression pedal inputs can safely be used as general purpose CVs inputs to the matrix.

Looking at the IO board, there's an LPC2366 which has a 10bit ADC, and there's circuitry near the expression pedal inputs which include a diode and some resistors that may be taking care of current limiting and overvoltage protection - so probably not "dangerous" at all. The voltage range could be extended by using a voltage divider (two resistors or a potentiometer).


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Thanks for your reply ... I think, I will make an adapter, stereo to mono, where the 3.3V is just unused. This way there will be no risk to connect a voltage source to another source ;)

Patate le mage

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Hi, i tried it with an lfo on my modular system wich go thru an attenuator ( so ut didn't go further 3.3 V ) and into the EXP1 pedal input and it's perfectly ok. I also try with a VCO or a sequencer and it's OK. Nice idea from you guys, i was also a little bit frustated that i couldn't go on multiples destinations ( and others destinations ) with my modular.
The only problem is that it doesn't interpret negatives voltage so i ha ve to offset it before i send it to MB
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