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Author Topic: First sounds from scratch on MatricBrute - Dr. Who (split)  (Read 2188 times)


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First sounds from scratch on MatricBrute - Dr. Who (split)
« on: March 05, 2017, 07:23:06 pm »
Best way to learn your new synth is just start creating something from scratch. I wanted to figure out the split mode, so tried creating this Dr. Who patch. Because you can only use 1 oscillator for left / 2 for right hand, sound possibilities are limited, but still - because of the matrix - you can create more then you would expect. For most sounds however I will be using this great machine in Monophonic mode, then sounds can be really awesome and do right to the concept. Sequence is just 2 bars (24 steps), but if you cut this in half it will have broader use.

Note; added after installing release 1.1: The preset was created in MB V 1.0, where glide was assigned to the upper part. After installing release 1.1 the glide seems to have moved to the lower part  ???
In split mode personally I prefer to have the glide option available in the upper (lead) part.
Best option would be an assignable glide to upper or lower part; leaving the option of glide in the sequencer when used in split mode.
For me not a big deal, I made this preset just to figure out some possibilities, but this new release makes this preset less usable...
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