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Author Topic: Assigning LED colors to indicate sound categories in the Preset Matrix view  (Read 1731 times)


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An idea that came from discussion at Gearslutz.com...

Currently, the Preset view of the matrix shows LED on only for the preset location currently loaded, rest of the matrix being unlit. When recalling sounds, the user needs to memorize, where in the matrix you have certain type of sounds stored. This could be made easier allowing to save a color with each sound + enter a special view mode for the Preset programs, in which the matrix would be lit with different colors to indicate different categories of sounds. An example of the color coding could be:

-Factory init = LED off
-Bass = Red
-Lead = Blue
-Paraphonic = Green
-FX = Pink

Saving sounds

Pressing the Save button once (no need to hold down) would enter a Preset save mode, where the matrix would change from showing only the selected sound to show all saved matrix locations by colors chosen previously by the user to categorize the type of sounds stored in them. The currently edited Preset location would blink. Unlit locations would represent factory defaults, i.e. free locations. When saving a sound, the user would first choose a location for the sound (guided by the color coded locations) by pressing one of the matrix buttons, after which the matrix would shut off the category view and switch to showing a row of buttons with all different color combinations available with the matrix LEDs. Then, the user would simply push one of the lit buttons to choose a color for the sound and finally enter a name editing mode using the encoder + Preset display + left / right buttons etc., see the other feature request thread about that.

Selecting / Viewing sounds

To make it easier to browse certain type of sounds with the MatrixBrute, while playing, a new Preset category view would be introduced that would show the categorization mentioned above. Pressing the Preset button when already in the Preset view would simply toggle  the matrix to show the color coded categorization of the Preset locations, while blinking the currently selected sound location. The user would be able to recall any of the sounds by pressing any of the buttons, but the view would still be present. To go back to the normal unlit view, the user would simply press the Preset button again, after which the Matrix would simply illuminate the Preset location selected (not blinking anymore).
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With the added detail that after pressing the button for the save location, the sound should be fully saved, making the category/colour and naming steps optional, possibly with a timeout to revert to the normal preset display, and so that pressing MOD or SEQ reverts to the normal display. If the sound already had a colour and name, those will be used, and if it was an empty/init sound, it would take on the first (or a default) colour.

and/or, better yet:

The category/colour and name saving procedure only happens if you are on the second press of the PRESET, in the category/colour display mode.


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i may be repeating myself, but i still don't get it, why there are not 16 banks of 256 progs.

And at least 16 bars for the sequencer.


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