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Author Topic: Some improvements to suggest!  (Read 1697 times)


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Some improvements to suggest!
« on: January 03, 2017, 01:16:38 am »
Hello, love love love the DB!

Great first firmware rev BTW!!!

A few improvements that I will suggest.

In play AND record mode:
Holding the step repeat slider should enter the drum sound according to the quantization like the SP1200
OR hold the drum pad (maybe shift+drum pad -  like the SP1200) should repeat the entry according to the quantization.
I should be able to roll the sound with out recording it in play mode.

Default toggle switch to change whether a drum will sound when a drum pad is hit, shift drum pad is the default.

The accent should work like the TR909, press once blue, press twice red, press 3 times off.

The tempo screen should  be contextual and sticky to the pattern parameter you are adjusting.
eg. You adjust the swing/Randomness/Shift of a sound by pressing the current track button, therefore every drum pad you select should show the swing/Randomness/Shift for that sound until the current track button is disengaged.
That way you can quickly cycle through the sounds and see how much is shuffled, randomized and shifted.

Output filter BYPASS light should be default unlit, button should be "engage" not "bypass". Not intuitive.

This is minor... you flash the multi type LEDS to show which sounds are triggering OR different colour drum pad lighting for the two sounds.

"Activity flashing" drum pad light should keep flashing in "Solo" and "Mute" mode, easier to see what to solo and mute.

Just some ideas!!

Can you tell I worked in product testing/QA for a large chunk of my life? ;)

I also have owned almost every drum machine ever made, got my SP12 in 1989 and still have it.

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