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Author Topic: What to use if you are broke finacially  (Read 6289 times)


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What to use if you are broke finacially
« on: October 28, 2016, 07:54:46 am »
Get a $60 Quad Core 7 Inch mini tab or 9 inch tab, which ever size you prefer, a Sixty-ish dollar one that has high amazon ratings.

Get Caustic and the Unlock key for $10

Get The Mastering App that the Caustic Guy is working on now and releasing Beta Tests.

Use the Modular in Caustic a lot. Add your own open source samples to the Caustic Tablet.

If you prefer VSTs and a VST DAW, What Freeware VSTs:

Bootsy VSTs, Especially Ferric TDS Tape Saturation Emulator


The Tone2 Firebird

Note that there are many great freeware VST effects but not so many great freeware VST synths; dont know any besides the Modulad and Firebird.

What to get if you are NOT Broke:

Probably an Arturia CS-80 & Modular V

Probably A Arturia MicroBrute & Whatever is Novation's Latest Synth by the time you have money; as your two hardware ones. A Modal 008 if you have $5000

If you like used old vintage synths, you want an Octave Cat and a JD-800

Some sort of little stereo vacuum tube amp

Heres something old school Im working on in Caustic Mobile Android & iPhone App. Note the URL ends in .mp3, guaranteeing a non-website blank tab playing a non-executable .mp3. No webpage to go to, and mp3 extension right there in the URL to see.

http://mboxmp3.com/u/68D.mp3  (Caustic Demo)

This is going to take 3 weeks to build this 3 minute sketch into a full actual song..  and 3 weeks that I feel well, not 3 weeks in general. This sketch is unmastered, theres just a compressor & mild EQ on it in Cuastic its self. I make things sound slingly more analog than other people, but am not that good of a musician. Im referring to completed tracks that sound a far better than this sketch; still not that good. You can still hear how Caustic is a good $10 App

This is a Sketch thats why you dont hear all the proper transitions, why you hear some repetition without more variation going on. 3 weeks to make it into a track.

Im ill and do not make that much money. I already bought some software. I want to get the CS-80 and the future JD-800 from this company -- as I know they are going to be wise enough to start working on a JD-800 in cooperation with Roland, so I can have my amazing "Le Satchi Dream Mix" like sounds. 

be back on Forum after I buy something by Arturia Unless theres one or two more off topic posts to make in the next year, i doubt it. Or unless someone has a question here.
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Re: What to use if you are broke finacially
« Reply #1 on: November 06, 2016, 04:08:05 am »
Oh.... 68C is the one that has all the mistakes and drumfills in the wrong places

its 68D that is correct with no mistakes at all; and merely incomplete instead of incomplete+mistakes


Ill go edit that and change the mp3 link. then ill  come back to the forum once i buy a new Arturia product.

It seemed appropriate and OK to pre-register and recommend Arturia Reincarnate the JD-800 as software VST and tell people about Caustic as a few posts, then save the forum for future when i review an Arturia purchase and demo one with another .mp3 link

It seems appropriate to use links that end in .mp3 because its technically not linking to an external webpage, instead its an internal browser player in a blank tab. and bares no ability to have popups, ads, script or anything ; & clinched as fully non-executable with the .mp3 extension.
Thats how i could tell without question its ok to link here, whereas anything else would be questionable, like a soundcloud, another synth site, etc.  Thats inappropriate self-promotion and also external sites not affiliated with Arturia. So im going to anonymously share this demo of Caustic as blank Tab .mp3 and come back in the future and compare Arturia more-analog sound with this. But this is cool for being portable !! 

(Synosia, Be Back in 2017)
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