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Author Topic: Celestial Revelations - Synthesizer Seven Track Album  (Read 5842 times)


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Celestial Revelations - Synthesizer Seven Track Album
« on: November 07, 2016, 10:01:44 pm »
Celestial Revelations. Note in the video that the music starts at 1:00. This album was an artistic experiment. I wanted to make a whole album using just two virtual instruments; The Oberheim synthesizer and the Arturia Spark Drum Machine. As can be seen, I use eleven different Oberheim sounds. The album consists of seven songs. Each begining  can be seen by the red marker. All odd number songs are about ten minutes each and are more stringy and slow compositions, where as the even numbered songs are more up tempo and about five minutes each. The exception is the final song which is both stringy and up tempo. Also song one, three, and five, althogh they sound almost totally unique, actually share several melody parts, especially the two string and one pad parts, except that I shifted the melody parts to different sound tracks. This album took me about a month to make, working about 1-3 hours each day. Four of the songs took me only a few days, but the remaning three was a bit of a challenge to get right. A considerable amount of time was spent tweaking  volume and pan as can be seen in the exploded  background track view. Effects not seen are; Compressor, stereo expander, and delay.

I hope you enjoy my hard work :)



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