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Author Topic: Loading FX on post-VCO slot stops portamento from working properly  (Read 1955 times)


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When i load the distortion, chorus or phaser  on the post VCO fx slot and put portamento on (up or just on), the pitch of every note starts on the lowest possible note and slides up to the pitch of the one i play. Insteed it should glide from the pitch of the last note i played.
The problem is not there with the other effects or on an other FX slot.
To make the portamento work properly again, I need to unload the effect. Bypassing it is not resolving the issue.
Still there in the latstes update

I already made a technical report of this via the proper way, but got a reply asking what plug-in i was talking about even though i added the version numbers etc...
 :-\ *sad sad sad*

Please fix this! It makes the FX portion totally useless!!


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Re: Loading FX on post-VCO slot stops portamento from working properly
« Reply #1 on: May 20, 2017, 10:17:00 pm »
Using the latest JUP-8 version i can confirm there is Portamento issues, at least when using distortion and phaser as VCO effects.
It look like it's more random on VCO2. On VCO1 it seems consistent.

I also remember i've had some issues where it's like the on/ off effect botton don't work. And for example it don't work in this example when the distortion is chosen as effect.

I use Studio One 3 and VST3 version. The issues is in both Standalone and VST.


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