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Author Topic: Aftertouch issues and some other reporting.  (Read 2750 times)


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Aftertouch issues and some other reporting.
« on: May 23, 2016, 02:34:55 pm »
After only been playing a little on VC5, i'd like to report this for now.

There seems to be Aftertouch issues with at least MINI V3 and CS80 V3. Perhaps on more.
The aftertouch don't work correct. And sometimes it just stop working.
Looks like it can be related to Velocity and Legato playing. Looks like aftertouch only works on one random pressed key at a time. Sometimes - perhaps when that key is released, - then the still pressed key/s have no aftertouch at all.

The aftertouch apparantly also only affect one note at a time. Not a chord for instance. This could be a nice feature if it was optional and if the aftertouch for instance allways was on the last pressed key.
But the old way is needed too, so it can be used on full chords.

This issue is killing expression using aftertouch. Not usable as it is now. Seems like bugs to me.
Please chech all VC5 applications for this.

Also i'd like to report that the Zone MIDI channel selection in Matrix V2 like in Matrix V is not working.

And still the the MIDI sync in applications like Modular V3 ad Jupiter V3 need reset - retrigger options for LFO's.  You can't sync the wave to start at the beginning. So MIDI  sync can work efficient. Please check all applications for this too.

Many GUI's is very fuzzy and not clear at all. Not user friendly. New pictures is needed. They are streched to much.

Presets in general could still need to be edited for volume and other issues like for softclip/ feedback issues in MINI V.

I still miss preset's that show the individual synths uniqe sound character.
Also Original sounds and original patchbook sound is missing.
There are fewer presets and not many new.

What has been improved and renewed in the applications? I'm not impressed right now.

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Re: Aftertouch issues and some other reporting.
« Reply #1 on: May 24, 2016, 04:07:39 am »
I agree, some other parameters are missing too.  In jup-8 V3 you can't control the 2 hold button with a sustain pedal, and you can't use the midi learn to assign the pedal to the parameters like the older version. 
I was waiting for a real hold pedal (legacy hold) on the new solina and it's not there yet, and don't tell me it's because they was no sustain pedal on the real solina in 1974!!!  On the original solina there were no pitch bend and modulation wheel and you added them anyway. Why you didn't add a hold pedal?
I'm not impress by the update emulation in V-Collection 5.  It's just flashy GUI with no real improvment!!!
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