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Author Topic: Arturia Beatstep Pro Broken/Damaged USB Fix and Repair How to Video  (Read 2484 times)


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I made this video in response to a reply in the forum about when my BeatStep Pro USB connector broke off and I hardwired the cable directly to the PCB.

The video is on YouTube here  : https://youtu.be/EN3Ae-ktmjA

If you have an Arturia BeatStep Pro and the USB connector is intermittent or broken then in this video i show how you can fix it with no extra components by hard wiring the USB cable that comes with the BeatStep Pro directly to the PCB. I also show the complete stripping down and reassembly too.

Its not a hard job to do if you are familiar with repairing electronic equipment but it is a fiddly one because of the very small size of the micro USB connector that is surface mounted to the PCB.

IMPORTANT ! - If you are unsure of your abilities then get someone else to do the soldering work or you could do a lot more damage especially if you wire it up incorrectly.

You will need a fine soldering iron, a steady hand and an eyepiece to inspect the work after to make sure that there are no solder bridges.

The wires using the origin cable are as follows

Black = GND
Red = +5VDC
White =  Data -
Green = Data +
Shield = GND

When connecting to the board the wires are connected to the following components.

Black to the Ground plane.
Red to C1 as shown in video.
White to R22 the end nearest the board edge.
Green to R23 the end nearest the board edge.
Shield to the ground plane where the original connector was soldered.

If the wiring is NOT the same coloring then you will need to confirm which wires are connected to the +5VDC, GND, Data - and data +.
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