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Author Topic: Very new to soft synths - Questions  (Read 3023 times)


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Very new to soft synths - Questions
« on: January 21, 2016, 10:53:59 pm »
Hey all,
My name is Sam Snyder, very new to using any soft synth technology, but the owner of a Roland HS60, Alpha Juno1, Korg Poly800, MircoKorg, Casio CZ1000, and a few other things here and there, so my background has always focused around relatively analog technology, and instant gratification.

The other day I purchased an Arturia Keylab 49, to hopefully replace bringing a lot of synths to shows for the few songs I need them on (I am primarily a guitarist in a few bands, but when it calls for a synth I can probably make something work). I have successfully gotten the synth to function within Logic and have a MacBook Pro that I intend to bring out with me to live shows where I can save presets that I will scupt at home modeling them after the hardware synths I mentioned above that I use.

Here are some questions I have regarding setup and functionality:
-How do I save a preset with designated chords and tone? for instance, if I use preset called Dual 80's in Analog Lab (it sounds a lot like my Poly800), is there a way for me to save that as a separate tone for a song that I can label, that has chords saved to the pads? It seems like a super simple request, but again, my lack of knowledge of this has me a little baffled, I save a preset, and when I recall it, I get the tone back, but all my saved pad controls are gone. I read the manual as well, but I felt a little out of place.
- Second question, can the pads be latching, non momentary? This might come in handy some times.

-Next question: Within Logic X, if I record a track, and I play around with my ADSR, Cutoff/Resonance, etc etc, why is it that it doesn't record those moves? For instance if I perform a track and slowly feed the LFO amount knob up, it won't track to the DAW that way. I assume I have to feed the audio back in from the DAW and redo my controlling of the parameters? Again, probably a super simple solution in the MIDI control center, but I have not yet understood it.

Thank you all very much for reading and your possible help, getting into the forum here has me a little alarmed because of the lack of attention I see the forum getting from Arturia, I would hate to have to replace this unit so soon if it doesn't do what it needs to.



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