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Author Topic: Report and question about Novation automap and more...  (Read 3317 times)


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Report and question about Novation automap and more...
« on: January 01, 2016, 08:37:34 pm »
This is about the V-collection. I post it here.

Something i have wondered about for some time about plug-in versions and Automap.

* Matrix-12 V, Oberheim SEM V, Solina V and Vox V don't show as (Automap) wrapped plug-ins, but even if they are grouped as FX by default           in automap, then the parameters are there and i can use automap. I can also change the group.
* In Wurlitzer V the parameters are mapped, but they are not listed to select for another control than the pre-mapped.
* Spark don't work with Automap at all. It has none Automap at all.
* ARP 2600, Jupiter, Modular, Prophet and CS 80 10 voice,  i only have as automapwrapped plug-in in my DAW.
* CS 80 8 voice and Mini i have in two versions - One automap wrapped.

In V Coillection 3 i have  both Spark Vintage Drum and Analog Laboratory in Automap wrapped versions only.

Can someone explain those differences?
Why is it so?

Also i'm having issues with effects in Solina V and in Matrix 12 V i wish to report. As reported in another thread then the Solina Analog Delay distort.
In the Matrix i experience small clicks in that should'nt be there in the Delay (Not the Analog delay). Some times there is a distortion.
This has nothing to do with realism or authenticity.
It has nothing to do with buffer size or Gains over 0 db as i am well below all the signal way.
I my be wrong, but for the moment i don't recall any distortion or clicks like this on the FX's on other Arturia instruments.
I would like Arturia to take a look at it and change it so there are no unwanted and incorrect sound.

Arturia should benefit of making things working smooth, smart and well.

Enough for now. Thanks.

EDIT 1:  Corrected some errors regarding the plug-in informations.
EDIT 2:  Specified the FX in Matrix.

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